Go Frack Yourself

There’s a great deal of controversy regarding the drilling procedure commonly known as “fracking”. 

Oil and gas industry experts (i.e. whores) will tell you that fracking has been a proven technology for decades and there’s no risk of ground (and groundwater) contamination.  The EPA and most elected officials are going along for the ride. 

But if you live in an area where drilling is happening, you’d better buy a large supply of KY jelly, because the frackers are going to give you a large hard one from behind. Your local economy will prosper in the short run (lease bonuses, oil and gas royalties, hotel occupancy, restaurants), but when the wells dry up, and the frackers disappear, you’ll be left with water you can light with a match, and a bunch of sick family members who can’t remember their names due to their carcinogenic-caused brain damage. When the drillers refuse to disclose what chemicals they’re injecting into the earth, and the EPA doesn’t make them, you know the fix is in. And you know who I really getting fracked. Grease it up and slide it in. 

Watch the films “Gasland” (YouTube) & Gasland II (HBO) and you’ll soon get a real estate agent on the horn. You’ll need to get the frack away from the frackers. 

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