Hollywood Indians on the Warpath

The Native Americans working in the film industry are upset because Adam Sandler’s new film belittles them: 

 According to Indian Country Today Media Network, which first reported the news, about a dozen actors, including an adviser on Native American culture, left the set Wednesday after learning the names of some of the film’s characters, among them Beaver’s Breath and No Bra. A female Native American character was to urinate while smoking a peace pipe, Indian Country reported. 
The outlet said that the producers brushed off the actors’ concerns. “Nothing has changed,” Indian Country quoted a Navajo actress, Allison Young, as saying. Ms. Young, who was among those who left the set, added, “We are still just Hollywood Indians.”

What did you think an Adam Sandler film on the old west would do: glorify Native American culture? Native Americans have been whoring their heritage in Hollywood for years, and now they’re suddenly offended? Who is forcing you to work in the film industry? If you’re so upset about how you’re portrayed in film, do something other than be a prostitute for the industry you condemn. 

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