‘FOLK’ all the Politicians

From the NY Times on June 18, 2015:

Politics is a folksy business. We know politicians are real folks who care about real folks because they are always using the word “folks”: city folks, country folks, hardworking folks, younger folks, older folks, black folks, white folks; even “very kind folks in the media” (says Ted Cruz), “folks who are here undocumented” (Chris Christie) and “folks” who don’t “have a full regard for the right to privacy” (Rand Paul).

I’ve had enough ‘folks’ from these ‘folkers’ to last a lifetime. Do they really think we’re stupid enough to believe they actually give a rat’s ass about any of us? 

A photo op buying groceries, riding a Harley, or shooting a rifle doesn’t make you one of us. In fact, we know you’re getting into national politics for the opposite reason–to get away from the peasant class. 

If you want to impress us, knock off the phony identification with the working man. Tell us exactly what your agenda is and then let us decide if you deserve our vote. 

Enough of the ‘folks’ bullshit. We aren’t buying it. 

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