Southern Man, Better Keep Your Head

Don’t you know what your good book said? Southern change gonna come at last, now your crosses are burning fast, Southern man –Neil Young

Haven’t we had enough intolerance, hatred, and prejudice in this country? Why can’t people respect each other’s right to pursue their own happiness? 

I’ve watched this happen my entire life–and it absolutely sickens me. 

  From the Washington Post: 

As he methodically fired and reloaded several times, the person said, Roof called out: “You all are taking over our country. Y’all want something to pray about? I’ll give you something to pray about.”

Roof’s words added to an emerging portrait that suggests the 21-year-old was driven by runaway racial hatred in the attacks — unleashed after Roof spent nearly an hour watching the group before opening fire, authorities said.

Left dead were the church’s prominent pastor and eight other worshippers.

Today, I’m embarrassed to be an American.

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