Message to My Daughter on Her Birthday

I sent this to my daughter today–it’s her 25th birthday. I believe it’s relevant to us all…..


Happy 25th birthday.

I offer the following:

A young man was graduating from school and had an opportunity to work for a very prestigious company. As part of the interview process, he was asked to travel to a large city to spend a day with a psychologist to determine if he was a proper fit for the position. He traveled a great distance and arrived early in the morning for his day with the psychologist. The psychologist conducted a battery of tests, and interviewed him for several hours. At the conclusion of the day, the psychologist thanked him for his time, and told the young man he was free to leave. The young man was startled. “I have a spent a day with you and you are not going to offer any insight into my character or talent?” the young man asked. “No”, was the reply, “you’re not paying my bill.” The young man said,”Surely after a day of examining me, you can give me some insight, something that may help me in my life.” After a long pause, the psychologist said “All right, I will tell you something that you can take away from here.”

“You have great potential, but your attitude, as it now exists, will stop you from reaching that potential. Good luck”. The psychologist then stood up and escorted the young man to the door of his office.

During the drive home, the young man thought about what he had been told. In fact, the statement began to haunt him. What part of his attitude? What should he change? What was he doing wrong? He thought about the statement often, through the years of his life. Later in his life, when asked what one thing changed his life the most, his reply was always, “The day I spent with a psychologist, who told me the truth about myself.”

That young man, of course, was me.

Happy Birthday. I love you very much.

Always remember that your attitude affects you and everyone around you.


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