George W. Bush Screws Vets Again

Former President George W. Bush reaffirmed his status as a complete disgrace to the presidency when he recently charged a fee of $100,000 to a veterans’group whose cause is helping wounded soldiers recover from the two wars Bush started. 

From CNN:

Former President George W. Bush is under fire for charging $100,000 to speak to a group of veterans wounded in a pair of wars he started when he was in office, just the latest front in a political battle over speaking fees that has hit both sides of the aisle.

Members of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity told ABC News that Bush charged $100,000 for his 2012 speech at a charity fundraiser for veterans who lost limbs in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. The former president was also given use of a private jet at a cost of $20,000 and former First Lady Laura Bush was paid $50,000 to speak to the group last year.

The fees infuriated one of the board members, who told CNN Wednesday that Bush should not have accepted any money.

No kidding.  This arrogant bastard starts two useless wars so the military-industrial complex can “cash in”; and when thousands of wounded warriors need help following their combat tours, he charges a substantial fee for a speaking engagement to the group created to assist them. This is nearly unbelievable,  but with George Bush, not surprising. 

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