Milo Yiannopoulos Goes Down in Flames Over Pedophile Comment 

Gay, conservative social commentator Milo Yiannopoulos resigned suddenly from Breibart News after a pedophilia comment he made in January, 2016 surfaced. He also lost several speaking engagements and a book deal as he spiraled downward. 

Additionally, despite being openly gay, Yiannopoulos has described homosexuality as “aberrant” and that gay rights are “detrimental to humanity.” 

What I find baffling is that anyone took Yiannopoulos seriously in the first place. He lacks any real talent, except for his strategic thinking that being outrageous and shocking would make him both rich and famous. Outrageous and shocking isn’t interesting, it’s just outrageous and shocking. His act quickly wore thin.

I hope he saved his money, because his Warholian “15 minutes of fame” is over. 

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