Hillary Clinton to Start Fashion Line

Former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has finally decided on her next venture now that her political career is in ruins. Speaking in the fashion district Wednesday in New York City, Clinton announced the creation of a new fashion house where she will serve as CEO and Creative Director. 

I’m creating a fashion line called ‘Just Like Hillary.’ Our target audience will be dumpy, depressed, mean-spirited, vengeful women over 50 who hate their husbands or exes and who feel like life has shafted them.  Our clothes will come in three sizes: stout, elephantine, and gargantuan, all of which are perfect for this generation of women who believe they deserve more then they have received.” 

NY Times fashion critic Kevin Golightly commented on Hillary’s new company: “I think Hillary has found a niche that no designer has ever tried. There are millions of women who fit this category, giving her a ready market. You see these women everywhere, working in license bureaus, medical offices and check-out lines. It’s a huge market for a huge audience, pun intended.” 

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