Nash: In the Groove for Fifty Years

After seeing Graham Nash at the remarkable Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio on August 2nd, it's hard to imagine that he's been performing for over 50 years–because he hasn't lost a step.

Accompanied by lead guitarist Shane Fontayne (whose resume includes stints with Sting and Springsteen), Nash started the night by sending us back to 1966 with 'Bus Stop,' a hit by Nash's first band, The Hollies. He was in fine voice, energetic, and appreciative of the rapt audience.

Throughout the evening, Nash was engaging and warm, introducing each song with a brief story regarding what inspired him to compose it.

When Nash moved to the keyboard to sing the CSNY hit 'Our House,' he explained that he and girlfriend Joni Mitchell had returned to their Laurel Canyon home after breakfast and shopping on Ventura Boulevard. He told Mitchell: "I'll light the fire, you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today," and was immediately inspired. I cried while Nash sang it, thinking about several relationships that I've had, and the times I played that song for them. At the time, I thought these relationships wouldn't end. But they did–just like Nash's relationship with Mitchell. And at the end of 'Our House,' it was obvious by observing Nash that he was feeling that same sense of melancholy.

Always political, Nash inserted 'Trump' into two songs: Military Madness' and 'Chicago', and delighted the Buckeye State crowd with a cover of Neil Young's 'Ohio.'

Toward the end of the evening, Nash said that if Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young "never play another note together, look what we've done." The same can be said of Graham Nash, the solo artist.

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